Skim & Focus : Chrome extensions improving reading experience

Last week, I spent some of my time developing 2 experimental Chrome Extensions. Trying to leverage the power of web browser, I hope that they improve your reading experience in 2 aspects.

  1. When your level of attention is lower than usual : Skim : Pale unimportant words so that you can skim more easily
  2. When your level of attention is higher than usual : Focus : Fade out everything you are not reading on.

Actually, I’m quite not sure about my approaches to deal with these 2 situations. But if you are a serious reader you should try them.

And, of course, if you have any suggestions or feature request, feel free to contact me. It is very welcome. 🙂

Ps. Actually, This is the special week I have finish a number of little projects. Apart of there extensions, there are some demos of problems from IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics). We decide to create the demos to make more people understand what the heck IOI is, and what those IOI guys are obsessing about. These are links : Demo

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