Limited-time-value content is the point

Duplication of digital contents may take zero cost, but it is still time-consuming (especially when the content is protected).

Authors of contents that their value lasts for considerably limited time do not need to fear piracy.


6 thoughts on “Limited-time-value content is the point

  1. That’s why Blognone encourages people to duplicate its’ contents. While people may gain some from the duplication, our originality will make most value after all.

  2. Zerothman says:

    I think it’s difficult to define any content as it valuable for just a limited time, for instance, news content.

    It seems that news go outdated and lost its value for just a blink of an eye. But because of there’re so much news content generated each day, old news become valuable when someone need to look up in the archive of old content. Most of these people need an old news for something special purpose that value enough for news company to charge them. You can see that we need to pay if we want a news clip of old newspaper. (And all major newspaper has this service for a fee.) That’s why most news company still get a profit from selling access to news archive, and don’t want anyone to keep or copy their news for an archive.

  3. Zerothman says:

    And another thing is, protecting content even it already lose its value still a safe approach to do, unless you ‘gain’ something from open the content for free. For example, who could expect that old games in 1990s could become profitable again from digital content store like Steam?

    Of course, sometimes its better to distribute content for free like a song if that brought the artist of public attention which value more than cost of song production.

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